Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Abducted by a UFO?

Is it possible the missing Malaysia Flight 370 was abducted by a UFO? Well, that thought came to my mind initially, but I kept it to myself since I had just been watching a Bermuda Triangle documentary special. However, others have thought it possible too and went straight to the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON , asking that same question.

According to MUFON's newly announced Communications Director Roger Marsh, on March 11, MUFON's Executive Director Jan C. Harzan 2013-12-06-photo34.JPG stated, "We have not received any UFO reports from that region during the time of the flight or around the time period where it may have crashed."

But MUFON's Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre who appears in the new MUFON series that airs on History Channels H2, Hangar 1: The UFO Files said, "There is no final proof that UFOs have ever been involved in a similar incident", but believes "It is still worthy of research."

"Between black boxes, transponders, radar, debris fields, explosion and missile strike signatures, evidence is always left behind," Ventre said. "The one explanation that some researchers are considering is that the plane and its passengers were abducted by extraterrestrials."

Author and MUFON's John Ventre went on to say "The U.S. military monitors everything using sonar, radar and satellites. I'm certain our satellites observed what really happened, but that's a truth that can't be revealed."

2013-12-06-photo34.JPG The possibility of UFO's abducting Malaysia Flight 370 seems to be a popular subject on Internet talk shows and social media. Dr. Sean-David Morton host of Strange Universe Radio, last week's number one talk show on the web according to Talk Stream Live, brought up the subject of possible UFO interference with Flight 370.

Morton later told me, "Nothing that we know of yet on this Earth can make an airliner simply disappear. With modern radar, black boxes and tracking technology it would take extremely exotic military technology or something of alien origin to make something like this happen."

A popular Youtube conspiracy theorist that goes by the name ‪DAHBOO77 reported March 8 his claim of radar playback the moment Malaysia Flight 370 had allegedly vanished.

Possibly even conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura is looking into it this? Bring it on Jesse!

Until evidence is found otherwise, UFO interference is one of the many possibilities added to the list of theories in the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

From the author: This issue deals with lives and family members anxiously awaiting news about their loved ones, please be respectful with your comments.

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